Ride the Risk
Coface Business Information Services help companies assess risk, identify opportunities, and grow their business.
In an era of rapid change, determining the creditworthiness of customers can be tricky. Coface information provides rapid vendor and counterparty risk assessments to help businesses make smarter credit decisions and navigate a volatile global economy. Get opinions and assessments based on our expert credit analysis with iCON by Coface — all in one convenient package. Our decisions are backed by a massive, ever-growing data set and unlimited connection technology. In fact, Coface Business Information is so good, we use it ourselves in our more than 10,000 daily credit decisions.

Unique Data Enabling Predictive, Global Insights
Unique trade credit insurance data and insights, used by Coface to underwrite $700B+ credit exposure

Consistent scoring methodology worldwide
Advanced risk monitoring

Proprietary trade payment data and economic insights

Tools like iCON by Coface to offer in-depth insight
Network of risk experts in 100+ countries

Sourcing from 200+ Information Providers
135m+ companies referenced globally

75+ years of expertise in all sectors

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