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Trade Credit Insurance for the Growth Pioneers

Minimize business risk
Maximize growth potential

Trade credit insurance (TCI) covers losses caused by non-payment and insolvency. This enables you to grow your business with confidence and drive commercial impact.

Be in the know — Get the vital stats

Get your hands on the latest trade industry research, and find out how TCI can protect your business as you tap into new markets.

Did you know that 25% of bankruptcies are linked to unpaid invoices?

This simulation shows you the additional turnover you need to generate in order to absorb an unpaid invoice.

In your case, your company needs to generate additional turnover of $0 if your operating margin is 10%.

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$USD 100,000

Become A Growth Pioneer With TCI

Take a look at how TCI has empowered businesses to improve their decision making to help them increase sales and expand trade into new markets.

Sales expansion for wholesale ingredients supplier

Global Resources Direct uses Coface TCI to quickly vet new suppliers for reliability and trustworthiness, giving them confidence to engage in international trading, and to access better financing terms.

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